Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1950 : 60 seconds

Ever picture life like a series of crossroads? Almost like New York – an ever expansive criss cross of Streets and Avenues.

Now imagine driving through this Criss Cross at 100mph. What you are essentially doing is carrying the faith, that at the next crossroad, there shall be no snow mover and you won’t necessarily have to brake hard.

You continue doing this incessantly, until that one moment, when out of the corner of your eye, you detect for that fleeting moment, a yellow gaint snowmover thingy sweeping the tarmac, and before you can even beging to stress your ABS, your vehicle is turtle, and quite literally Smile, your whole world is upside down.

With the faint glimmer of hope that always keeps us alive, you can still feebly move. With that last reserve of energy, you wriggle and slither out of this upside down world…to rudely find that, just like you many other dopes are also compulsively doing 100mph, and unfortunately, one of them, a blinded speed demon of a Schumacher, does not see you on time, hammers his hoary Humvee into you….smothers you to atoms and turtles himself.

You are now well and truly gone, whats residually left of you is just a statistic, and all it took for your journey from Roaring Rob to a rumbling relic “whose soul may rest in peace”, was just under 60 seconds.

Is this just another cryptic analogy, or ….?


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