Wednesday, January 09, 2013

1939 : Wah wah…you perform well!

On the flight, this super suede (an IIT lingo for phony sophistication) babe sits next to me. She speaks in an evidentally fake accent (neither here nor there....the kind that churrrming!!), has a double chin, and is talking on an Iphone. In her conversation, she kept using the word "performance".

"I really like to see others perform."
"I like to think about the poetry and grace of a performance."
"Nothing better than to coach someone deliver a stellar perfomance."
"He?....Oh, he performed like a bulldog"(Seriously,she said that!!)

Now, I dont know about any of you....but in the past few years, the perverted me, has stopped using "perform" as a verb in regular English. I only use "perfom" to describe someone's scorecard on the bed....on how well is the coupling gymnastics.

If it is not was as sterile an environment as the airplane, maybe I would have rationalised this as phone sex!!

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1 comment:

shailesh said...

Just when we are getting ready to do our annual performance appraisals, you post this. Thanks to you, will not able to do it with a straight face anymore!!