Wednesday, January 09, 2013

1938 : Forgive him he is one amongst us

Now of course the whole nation is rising up in indignation against Asaramji for saying some really ridiculous things about the Delhi gang rape victim. What did he say
1) The girl should have chanted Saraswati Mantra, that would have definitely saved her.
2) Of the 6 rapists, the girl should have made one of them her brother, telling him to accept her as his "religious sister" and then she could have told her brother to save her from the others. (Or some convoluted shit like that...)

He did say a few other things. But get the drift? What he said was plain stupid and naive.

I repeat his view was a little stupid and naive. On a related note :
1) We believe in a God outside ourselves.
2) We believe in a GodMan who thinks he can connect us to this "external God".
3) We believe in a media circus that treates the GodMan seriously.
4) We believe what we need to rise in indignation in unision with this narcissistic media circus.

What do points 1-4 make us. Stupid and naive.

If I have still not gotten you on my side....then I would like to add that a whole lot of yuppie Indians believe that a candlelight vigil, will stop crimes against women....whilst we continue to live in a society that has still not learned to treat their own kids and elders with love and caring.

Welcome to lala land, we just love to chomp bananas.

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