Saturday, January 05, 2013

1933 : Ma, I had flunked in my 5th class English


This is a quarter page from front page of TOI today. This is the way I guess the ad was meant to sound:

In 2013, I promise to  stop habits like smoking  and chewing tobacco, instead (I will) switch to Nicorette so that I can kick habits which I (presumably) want to get rid of. Fair enough?

Now read carefully and unless my English is feeble, this is how it actually sounds:

In 2013, I promise to stop smoking. If I don’t quit smoking (for my own bloody well reasons), then I am most definitely going to start chewing tobacco from tomorrow. And it says it twice (read fineprint below as well).

The ad copy guy should be fired, it has to be a guy (and not a girl) who can be so shabby for a first page ad in TOI. I have to include my favorite peeve into this post as well Smile, this is what phooking phasebook does to our collective use of the English language.

The Mayans are dead, long live the Morons.

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