Sunday, December 30, 2012

1927 : Potential Barrier

Sometimes when something is broken, and lets say its precious – you do want to fix it. It’s a strong desire in you, but lets say due to the inertial bias that we humans we, you don’t manage to coax yourself to the task in even time.

As an example, you have not spoken to your friend in recent times, and this friend means a lot to you, but due to fear of the unknown, you let this fester, and soon before you know, its over 5 years….since you have spoken.

You are meeting this friend tomorrow, and sure enough pleasantries and coffee shall he shared…what your mind is debating – “should I resolve the break?”……

Guess what, pragmatism has taught us, that sometimes when such a pile up has happened, clearing the highway, might not just be onerous, it might be a chimera.

In such situations, its probably best to just cosy up, cuddle in, coddle out and coffee down.

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