Sunday, December 30, 2012

1926 : Nokia


Have been using a Nokia Asha 200 for the past 6 months. This is my third phone in 3 years and the only one to break the 3000 INR barrier in recent times.

The other two earlier phones (Samsung and LG) both of them conked out. Of course they had been used a little rough, but still, this Nokia seems to be taking the rough and tough well so far.

Battery is awesome, lasts about 5 days and call quality is awesome.

Most importantly build quality is quite unbelievable for a 3600 INR phone. I really think Nokia has the right hardware DNA, its software crap that was its bugbear.

I hope to use this phone for at least 3 years, which shall be a first for me in 13 years of using a mobile phone Smile 

Also, this phone has reconverted me to be a Nokia fan. If I do upgrade, I might consider the Lumia Windows phone, for me that shall definitely be the best of both worlds Smile

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