Sunday, December 30, 2012

1925 : Posturing

Times of India, today morning screams “Rest in peace, Nirbhaya. We wont, until India is a safer place for women.”

TOI has taken it upon itself to name the rape victim as Nirbhaya. Ok that’s still passable.

Whats amusing is the tone of indignation and moral uppity that TOI paints itself in. To me, it would be a little less shocking if Playboy had a similar headline, at least they do what they do very well.

In the month from now, I can bet, Nirbhaya shall be forgotten (within TOI) and if she does get space, she shall be relegated to a 2*2 cm column.

As I have said before this rape (like any other) has two delineated aspects – the personal story – which we cannot  hope to understand, experience or touch, and hence we should not toy with….and the larger fabric aspect, which is what we as a society should work upon.

But  the tone of the current media reporting and circus is focused completely on the former, the latter, and the more difficult meditation is completely ignored.

We as a country, still have 1984, Godhra, Narmada…… and heaven alone knows how many such more ghoulish ghosts to exorcise.

I would quite literally, let the brave little girl rest in peace. She has already been so wholly and socompletely stamped out of existence by us….. lets at least not make her corpse, a prop in the circus trampoline.

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1 comment:

Viji said...

Just one thought keeps going round and round in my mind . Can we stop to look at the background of the young men who were responsible for this act? These were not middle aged , repressed men . These were almost teenagers . Can we try and see what is lacking in their upbringing, what drives young boys to so much mindless violence ? Is their self esteem so low that they have to resort to forcing themselves on unarmed , unprotected victims . What power are they drunk on?
And then , why are our law enforcers the way they are ? Be it Policemen or Immigration, Customs and Security officers . How can we bring a change in their way of thinking ? And then, can we also accept the responsibility of being those who vote our leaders into power ( i hate that word ) and somehow work with the government to ensure there are safe public spaces for everyone in our country?