Sunday, December 02, 2012

1893 : The Kumar Gandharv in me

One of my true callings is most definitely cooking. When I enter the kitchen, I never ever plan what I will be cooking (unless of course I am pantering to a specific demand).

I never measure, I never plan and yet my mind intuitively seems to know what to do when. I can do 3-4 dishes at the same time, and cook up a decent meal in about 45 mins – both of these which I emulated from my mom. (And I clean up after I cook…so no jibes please!!)

When I do cook I usually do it for my lovely wife, or my sisters or my parents….and of course, my home squatter Raavan (unfortunately I cant cook Lankan food, esp for a person whose every head seems to want to eat different palate in the same meal.) The best compliment I have received in recent years is the implicit fact that my mom thinks that I am star cook. Take a bow Smile

Where does Pandit Gandharv fit in? When he used to be asked, before a concert, what song will he be performing today, he would often answer “ I will let the Tanpura decide that.”

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