Saturday, December 01, 2012

1885 : The challenge of dimensions

(I have posted about this topic often, but probably the last one for now.)

As a firm/organization/group – how do you decide whats best for you when it comes to dimensions of your people.

One school of thought is – give your team only one single focus, no distractions at all, load them to more than their brim – what you get is a bunch of completely immersed chaps…but these chaps are predominantly left brained and temporal in their style of work.

Another school – like Facebook and Google, believe, allow individuals to carry their individuality to work…to think of, and to develop these folks as loose canons. Their belief is that, when you leave folks with space, they shall fill this with some brilliant shades of grey….these are “whole brained” folks.

I lean towards the latter, because it sounds so much sexy on paper, but I have also seen the former at close quarters. If this was the derby, wonder which horse would eventually win?

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