Saturday, November 24, 2012

1881 : Reductionism

The current spate of uni-dimensional testosterone driven human race is kind of weirdly placed. This race believes that Facebook is social, money allows you to buy, Zen is uncool, Buddha is a statue, and the world revolves around you, your dick is the starting point of every conversation….every single interaction is an occasion to schmooze and posture.

An alien from Rama, who landed yesterday, could easily end up interpreting, that money and infantile egos, were essential to our organic survival. And she would not be all that wrong right, this brave new world is courting a new form of consumption, the monster who is trying to chew its own flashy tail.

It bothers me that my kid might never know that once long ago, when Dire Straits played Live on the Night, no one said “Like”, but a few million fans saw them live and another million bought a magnetic tape home to savor the moment again and again….or for that matter, he might never know that once long ago cricket was played by Ian Botham and Vivian Richards, both of them who brought grace and dignity to their beer-and-chiclet induced swagger.

At the start of the century, Einstein told us that if we expanded our minds, we might realise that in reality life is a 4 dimensional experience. Today the brazen new world is telling us go back to just one dimension, and thats only and only…..the size of your duck(!!).

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