Saturday, November 24, 2012

1878 : Momentary lapse of happiness

On the busy clogged and infected streets of Bangalore, driving to work in the mornings is akin to running the decathlon. And yet…..

Picture this…..

Today, as I headed out of my home, my car streaming ahead with purpose, a few kms into my journey, I had to grind to a braking halt….with the car ahead screaming to rest, abruptly, on a seemingly empty road.

As I noticed, the cars on the other side also screeched and paused.

Straining out, I was hoping, this was not another one of those numbing accidents….and indeed it was not.

Out of the corner I could see a little tiny 5 inch puppy waddle into the center of the road. The big car ahead was being respectful, was threatening to start – in the hope that the little guy would get the message and rush into the side of the road.

This game lasted a few seconds, before one of the drivers jumped out, lifted the tiny puppy and slowly set him free on the kerb of the street, where it ran off relieved.

The onlooking crowd all cheered, and that included me. Point to note, not one vehicle which could see what was happening ahead, honked or yelled. Uncle universe just paused and gaped.

…..Good karma is not only priceless, its also the best known source of dopamine.

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