Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1863 : For the geeks shall inherit the earth

(Got this as a forward. Some of them are really good. I could relate to them. Source unknown. Reproduced verbatim)

One of these icons closes the current window, one completely exits the program," observed Sam Oldak.


"Anna asked me if she was helpful and I tried to be honest," wrote Virginia, "Part of the problem could be she doesn't understand the most important word in the English language."


"I spotted this amazing offer in WH Smith a while back. I decided not to go for it though," wrote Colin Cameron.


"Not only do they not have technology to add spaces to their error messages," writes Aiden, "the monospace messages don't even fit in the div properly."


Daniel apparently likes to plan things well in advance.


Jack Botner received this less-than-stellar offer after purchasing an item on eBay.


"I thought I was just saving a nine page PDF, but I must've miscounted. Apparently the real number was 18,446,744,073,709,600,000," wrote Brett.


Steve Jones wrote, "The box it came in definitely implied that printing was a supported feature."


"It's a good thing I decided to test this machine out," writes Jim, "We had been looking to replace / repair our oven, and it seems we can just bake on the hard drive."


Paul noted, "According to my calculations, $3.61 of this choc topping works out to 0.35 grams of pure indulgence."


"Every time I deposit a check via the web to my bank, the java applet says it is sending the scan to Morena," reports Chris Reid, "I hope she works for the bank."


Jon Wilson is a little bit suspicious about the price per liter.


"Blue Cross Blue Shield wisely recognizes that many English speakers can't communicate with doctors dependent upon changes to the language in the last 1,500 years," wrote Mike.


"I got this while trying to extract a ZIP file," writes David Strickler, "That compression is pretty impressive if it can make a 5.99 PetaByte file only 414 MegaBytes in size!"


"I took this picture when I was activating interactive TV for my brother," writes Erik Jansman, "I am sure this isn't supposed to happen."


"Gee, that was helpful," wrote K. Chang.



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