Friday, September 28, 2012

1851 : Shep Pettibone

shep pettibone


If that name does not ring a bell to you….then you might have missed the entire Pet Shop Boys and Modern Talking generation.

I am trying to get Raavan introduced to the music of a generation that was plain and simple ;and dance music was still very much what I call as clean, clever electronica.

Shep Pettibone was a very popular mixer (DJ) who did versions for Modern Talking, Pet Shop Boys and Madonna….actually a few for George Michael as well.

He used to do 12” inches mixes. Whoa? What does that mean?

To an generation fed on mp3, 12” or 8” is the length of the vinyl tape – a 12” Shep Pettibone mix would be an ultra long (10 min +) of a song….

(right now listening to the Pet Shop Boy’s classic Always On my Mind – and a Shep Pettibone mix at that!!)

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