Thursday, September 20, 2012

1849 : Bets from an inveterate gambler

From my previous post, my clear bet that is the online ecom market in India is waiting to go bust…..almost a dot-ecom bust.

Here are some other bets which I fully back….all of these are for 2020 :

1)  Facebook wont be what it is today….I mean they shall be a shadow of themselves.
2) Google will still be around…and kicking ass.
3) Amazon shall be what Apple is today – the star of the day.
4) Microsoft will be around….still there and still in the money. And if they lose Balmer soon enough, they might just kick Google’s tail.
5) Apple will be a shadow of themselves.
6) Samsung will be king of the electronics world…..especially in terms of innovation.
7) India shall no longer even optically be competing with China. That comparison will be rendered superfluous.
8) Flipkart will survive, albeit in a more profitable sense….but other wannabes in India might just not survive.
9 ) Honda will come back roaring into the global marketplace – fighting with arch rival Toyota and the ilk
10 ) Hyundai shall be far ahead of both Toyota and Honda on sheer market presence.

Some of my older bets that hit jackpot
1) Tata Nano will be a dud.(2010)
2) Honda shall adopt diesel globally soon enough. (2011)
3) Solar will be a force bigger than wind power (2007)

Some that did not
1) Have been betting on Microsoft all along….they have just not moved.
2) I though RIM would be hurt by Apple, but would come our strong…they seem currently on their deathbed.

Lets cross our fingers and wait for 2020.

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Vishius said...

A rare longer blog from you. Nice one.
I kind of agree with most bets in the IT space (1 - 8).
Esp like no 5 and 6. Think Apple's recent usage of law suits to deter competition might be the spark that triggers other innovators to do better.

Anonymous said...

rsdAdd Spotify to the list. Its not there in India but soon. Its an iTunes killer.

SSV said...

Not sure on #9, but all the others look spot on. Either I have the same viewpoint or they are already being considered facts.