Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1830 : The chism and chasm….

Really feels like a stranger, but I am back.

2012 so far, has been a year of great learnings, wasting relationships, fledging new friendships, brewing discontent, discovering art, uncovering life, new spaces, old faces, the sightings of high, moonlighting with the low….

Do I wish this time to end? Do I ever wish to go back to statis?

Yes, in some weak moments I do. But when sense returns, I have another shot of Malibu and scream, “Inch by Inch, we are going to play…..One inch at a time…..from the inches lying all around us…..because in any fight, the guy who lives is the guy who is willing to die…..”

Quite seriously, bravado and filmigiri apart Smile, the controversies of today always seem so plebian when reflected upon, from tomorrow.

Am loving it….thanks McDee and Al Pacino Smile

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