Saturday, June 02, 2012

1829 : One eyed wonder

I am slightly ambivalent on piracy(for the record, most of my classical music collection is legal…as in, I paid for it…..but still, read on!!). Let me explain – if for example – there is one only person in this world who has a copy of Lata Didi’s first song….and lets say he makes a copy for his friend. Is that piracy? Quite literally, it is, unless you send Didi a check.

Is it my schmuck convenient self that allows for such transgressions?

Let me put this differently. I do want Raavan to hear Peter Gabriel’s Floating Dogs from his album Birdy.

Try finding that legally for me (maybe its on Apple Store, never tried!!), but do try and let me know. If you find it kudos to you.

Now getting a bootleg copy of that – is that illegal – yes. Can I survive without it – yes. Do I mind if I don’t have it – yes. Do I choose to have it still – YES.

My case rests.

PS : On the other hand, if we do find it legally (and easily, price not withstanding) – then my view is to respect and perpetrate art – we should continue to patronize it.

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