Friday, June 01, 2012

1826 : Tore Bina from Kahaani

Every year, I run this series of the top songs of the year for me. This year, its almost mid year – and though I have quite a few favorites already….I must say, Tore Bina from Kahaani, sung by Sukhwinder Singh – has to top of the list and might continue to be there for a long time, even long after 2012 ends.

I have been listening to this for over 2 months and it only continues to grow on me – almost like the Kaminey title song.

It’s a mind numbing number – as soon the riff starts, Sukhwinder matches Vishal-Shekar inch for inch….and some simple yet soulful lyrics (a translation coming later).

You have Sukhwinder, Amanat Ali Khan, Vishal himself on one side – raw and full of vitality, and on the other side of the spectrum is KK, Sonu and Rahat (who are mm perfect but from land of Tussads, without a chump and soul!!).

Listen to this – its very close to transcendence Smile

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