Thursday, May 31, 2012

1825 : Urdu “Kareeney” means ?

It appears in many songs and dialogues, the most notable being from Kaminey’s title song – “Jeene sab kareneey, theey hamesha se hi kaminey”

A contextual guess in a sentence like that would lead me to believe it means – mode, rules, way of life, contours of life.

Urdu is not my natural tongue (and for that reason, I truly envy some Paki friends and their unbelievably fantastic diction!!) – but a little reading seems to suggests, it actually does that mean that – instead it means “bells and whistles” and usually used in a celebratory context… you would use it to say Mehendi is a kareeney for a wedding.

If I am wrong please help me learn better.

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