Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1824 : Pride

I have posted about this before, I have only immense pride to work for my current workplace. I do think that the place is well past its prime, and might decline for the next few years – its like the Microsoft of the Tech industry, hated, very rich, has zealots working for it – and guess what, 50 years later, I can bet my last breath on this – it will still be around….would you bet that on Facebook?….blah!!

I love working with the best folks in the world….I love pushing myself….I love the pride I have every day walking to work….and that to me is far more important than dollars and falsettos.

Looks like I will be around here, till I die, retire or am fired….the only organization who might lure me – might be Microsoft Smile

(Seriously….I have only respect for the big M of Technology, and big Ji of my industry Smile)

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