Sunday, May 27, 2012

1812 : WTF ness

Flying high, it always hits me when the pilot announces in a saccharine induced doped state with a voice engraved with the word “fake” all over it – “We are 39000 ft above sea level, and the temperature outside is –20 degrees C”.

Now, why is this important to me? How do I verify it? How do I use it? He could as well tell me that we are flying over the Lunar Crater, and it will make no perceptible difference to me – as long as I can breath, and stare out into vacuity.

And every dope induced pilot does that – and other things like we are flying against “northerly winds”…..great….this is such juicy information for a person who is usually focussed on more earthly matters like “where is the next potty seat”.


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