Sunday, May 20, 2012

1800 : Kafka by the ghee

The first day for my car without its sunfilm and guess what, thats the day I have to park in the sun. After about 2 hrs I enter my car, its like a fucking oven….I am not even remotely exaggerating.

I drove 6 kms back home, without an AC since I dont think the AC would have managed to win over the angry sun.

I am wondering how much the lack of these films will impact an increase in fuel costs, due to increased AC usage, due to lack of the film…due to some twitass who thought tinting was uncool. Does anyone at all understand any macroeconomics here?

(and oh BTW, if you did not know, all the Babus, all police chaps and all senior government officials are allowed to tint their car. This is not just class bias, but it also makes me feel so safe, because the politicos and police chaps are never involved in rape ever !!…what a bunch of nutty jackbunny rabbits!!)

I feel my country is no longer mine, its  instead a bunch of banana chomping twitasses on high octane testosterone, who keep going – whats the next thing to do make this place a little more Kafkanesque !!

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