Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1798 : Be sorry, feel safe !!

Starting 19th, every car in bangalore will be shorn of its sun film.

Why ?

Don't be so naive.

This will allow the lone cop who mans every square km - peer into the 100 passing him by every minute - and he can save you from rape, murder, arson..and all the bad things in the world.

Those lovely pot bellied men could not do much yet because of the screen - now that the decks are come the magnificent men in their riding machines (sans the mandatory helmet !!)

I feel safe and snug like my baby. To the powers that matter, here is my humble request ( to make me feel safer and safer...almost as if I were cocooned in a prophylactic, usually helps a lot when you are getting effed.)

1. Ban windows in homes. Homes should have a open gap...cops stare in, they can save us from domestic abuse.

2. Ban hijab....who wants to respect religion...we want to save the world.

3. All movie halls should have lights on during hanky lanky in darkness.

4. Driving at night....all cars should have internal light always on...else how can potbelly know if a rape is being sequenced.

5. No more tinted sunglasses. What if you belong to a dreaded suicide bombing organisation. We like to see our enemies. 6. No more pranoy Roy beards....beards hide the man.

7. Corollary to point 1 - ban on curtains.

I am sure I shall think of a few more.

Farmer suicides, markets tanking, policy deadlock, all can wait...what's important is safety of our citizens.

I love my fruity republic....smells like banana...and feels like a lemon :-)

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1 comment:

shailesh said...

Say no to film....go digital!