Thursday, April 19, 2012

1789 : Bhala hua mori maala tooti……

I was having this conversation with two colleagues yesterday, on how much is really “how much”, and not “enough”?

Its an age old debate…..a malaise that afflicts those with children, those without children, those with dependent elders, those with total independence, those with long hair, and those with six goats Smile….which mean pretty much everyone.

How much is enough for a rainy day? Depends right….are you planning for a Bangalore, where rain never seems to know whats an hour, in Mumbai where a fall lasts days or Cherapunjee, where rain means months Smile

Without being/sounding too fatalistic ….let me make a few points.

For any human being, to plan (in earnest) beyond a few reasonable years, in a tenterhook world like today, is counter intuitive… a world dominated by lack of privacy, crimes of hate and religion, our own illfated romance with technology, and of course, jerks with nukes in their backyard….thinking beyond 5 years from now is like planning for your 140th birthday.

But….but…hold on…these very events, plus the damocles sword of job cuts and divorce payouts, and earthquakes….make some people take the exact reverse directional view…..they shall plan with a 50 year rain fund.

Just like the bloody stock markets…the world can accommodate both directions, the yin is always yearning for the yang……in this context I am like the feminine dark brooding yin… who sees the world in a pragmatic tinderbox context.

I have always noticed, that all human emotions – and that includes happiness, pessimism, insecurity, apprehension, joy – are all terribly infectious – especially if you wear it on your sleeve.

Dont believe me…trying living with a spouse who looks at the RBI rate hike as another sign to accumulate and hoard….try living a few years….and you become this person who thinks there is a spook in every smoke….

On the other hand, live with someone like me, who thinks this world is a yank and jerk video game….and what you get is this irreverent take on everyone including the Dalai Lama Smile

Now, its a seperate debate, whats right or wrong…..or whats ideal (parked for another post!!)

But my drift is, do unto yourself what you expect your kids and life to be…..if you want your kids to be the Steve Jobs of this world…and you are planning (hoarding is the word) for a bloody Harvard education for them…guess what, I think Uncle Universe will send them to Harvard, Stern or some shit like that.

On the other hand, if you choose, to live life (like me), believing its going to end soon, guess what, your kids will in probability be irreverent bastards….but of those ashes will arise either a Roger Federer or Jack the Ripper Smile….and hey…am happy with either…at least they were well defined individuals Smile

One last point, its not just individuals, but even corporations and cults foster this infectious creed….An Infosys which hoards and stashes in an attempt to make their life predictable, will get royally phucked….and that is already beginning….because in this modern world….the world will be dominated by folks who can continue to ride inflection waves (read Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung)….the ones that happen in a 2-5 year window….if you start planning for 2020, well….guess what….you wont probably see it at all… might be without a job by then.

Long post….will end my rambling…does that mean….no prudence at all? No, I think save, stash….do all the regular jackshit, but remember that tiny hoard is never going to protect against your layoff or limb disorienting car crash…..please, my request, don’t ever let your kids believe, for even a moment,  that this bloody life can somehow be made deterministic…because the minute you try and create a monster like that, the first thing it cannibalises on is you Smile

Have a good ride….I am damn lucky…..Bhala hua mori maala tooti, mein raam bhajan se chootih reh Smile

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Sandeep Bhanushali said...

They say its a "fast" world, even some of the channel proud in saying that along side their
names "Sab se Teez" :).

Personally I can see those who are slow and planning longterm are failing, like the
governments. People are no longer worried about longterm, its what you do now that
matters. Relief package by EU is cheered more even though everyone knows its just kicking
the tin down the road rather than picking it up and disposing it in the dustbin. The cycles of
growth and bust are getting shorter its like earth is spinning faster and faster and will blast
finally. (There are predictions for this year :)

To be candid I and my career are finding it difficult to adjust to this pace. Some of my friends
in businesses say nowadays its all about tactical solutions, strategic is no longer an option.

Everybody is on their bikes, No wonder why Google has made so much money by providing
quick tactical solutions to people. And its a viscious cycle, its gets faster and faster.

All my longterm plans are in mess and I need to take out the drawing board to draw some
short term plans, or even that would be too slow, so I better do not waste time doing that just
think in my mind and do it.

One thing is clear no matter how much wealth I accumulate its not going to be enough for
the future, it might be suffice for my current needs so better enjoy it now.

Recently read a quote from Swami Vivekanand "Richness is not Earning More, Spending
More or Saving More. Richness is when you need "NO MORE".

Jothi Krishna said...

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