Sunday, April 08, 2012

1788 : The ethical corrupt

For those who are tracking the development of the PU paper leak at Karnataka….its getting unintentionally hilarious.

Some background. So recently the police and university got alerted to PU paper leaks. The police quickly zoomed in on the source of the leak, because the jackass criminals had used email ids to circulate the papers.

In the latest round, turns out the paper they circulated and charged folks for – was a faux, and was nothing but last year’s paper.


TOI reports that now the police are also angry and upset with the perpetrators, for having caused anguish to the students who bought the papers, by selling them faux ones.

Its almost like telling a thief, you can sell pirated stuff, but make sure its a “genuine” HD copy….

Ah…the vicissitudes of modern India….!!

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