Sunday, March 18, 2012

1772 : The rotten ones from the gene pool

Picture this. I am at a supermarket yesterday and this lady walks upto the chap mending vegetable section, and asks in Hindi - " is this cabbage fresh, and is the stock from today." The chap responds " yes, yes very much...ekdum aaj ka hai" Think of it, if she expects him to ever answer " nahin, this is 5 days old".... She must be raving mad. In my view both the person who asks this, and the person who answers exist because we have not done a good enough job of cleaning the gene pool :-)

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Shailesh said...

What's wrong with the guy answering the question?

Vishius said...

I have been reading your blog post for a while and now an opportunity has come by to appreciate your blog.
Thus I pass the Versatile Blogger award on to you.
Continue blogging and hopefully you find other bloggers to pass on this award.


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