Saturday, March 03, 2012

1769 : Games without frontiers

This comes courtesy of Open Magazine, issue dated 27th Feb 2012….from a Section called “Unreasonable Person of the week”….and for this issue it is Delhi Police. Read on, this is simply howlarious Smile

Unreasonable Person Of the Week…Delhi Police….for Distributing printouts that explained a “sticky bomb” from an online game.

Delhi Police Officials have distributed printouts describing “sticky bombs” after a bomb explosion injured a senior Israeli diplomat’s wife in the capital earlier this week. The printout, instead of educating readers about the terror device, turned out to be a hasty copy-paste job from a wiki page on Terraria, a popular game on the internet. “At point blank range, it can cause a total of 100 damage to mobs and 200 to the player”, it read. To make matters even more embarrassing, the Delhi Police commissioner went to tell reporters that he had spent “hours” researching stick bombs.

Stomach wriggling and rib bucklingly funny Smile

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