Sunday, February 26, 2012

1768 : What the world needs is some direction

You fucking wont believe me, but seriously this happened. I even have a photo, just that its not all that great. (Lytro, when shall ye be mine !!)

Picture this.

I am the Airport Transit bus from HSR to Airport in Bangalore. These buses are like US style grey hounds, the seating keeps increasing in floor height as we proceed towards the rear of the bus….almost akin an opera or theatre.

So I am sitting in a seat way behind, and in a seat few rows ahead….a lady is sitting with her back to me. She is wearing  pink top and has short hair.

Then quite suddenly she starts reading a newspaper….”DNA after hours” to be precise, which is akin to a page 3 equivalent.

But….but….but….but…..she is reading ulta. Yes, everything is upside down….and she continues reading it for a whole 10 minutes….turning leaves….staring at page 3 babes with their boobs defying gravity (remember they are upside down now!!)

I am unusure if I had a little too much of the wine yesterday night, I look around….I see the guy next to me equally aghast.

This seemed straight out of the comic capers, where someone walks upto you on the street “in california” and asks you where is “saks on 5th avenue”…..and you are shocked, because of the lucidity of the question.

I had to blog about this.

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Anup said...

just an FYI, the only plausible answer is that she was doing mind exercises. They say if you read upside down, it helps prevent alzheimer's in the long run. ..talking about running reminded me..walking backwards is also a similar exercise. No kidding!

Lyrics Recorder said...

It's great..... well done keep it up