Sunday, February 26, 2012

1765 : Bridge across troubled forever

On my flight today, the two blokes who were sitting next to me were having a conversation,

And I could not help overhearing. I tho thoroughly love eavesdropping Smile.

Bloke 1 : I have many children between 5 and 9.
Bloke 2: your own? (with a look of incredulity)
Bloke 1: Yes.
Bloke 2 : How many?
Bloke 1 : 5
Bloke 2: (with some quick thinking), so did you adopt them?
Bloke 1: Yes. I did. Every couple of years, I adopt children.
Bloke 2: (looking with open jaws)
Bloke 1: I run a consulting firm, and 'I also find peace in taking care of chilren. Its so rewarding, and so fulfilling, (in hindi, pointing upwards), upar se help lete hain aur bas karma karte hain......and yada yada yada.

Get the drift?

Well, a few mins later, on this crappy budget airline - the hostess starts serving water and some stale juices. Given, its a budget airline, there is only one car....and it takes a long time coming to our aisle.

First Bloke 1 gives her grief for taking so long - muttering, "agreed the tickets were cheap, but they were not free. Service is still important." and then he gets very upset with her, because the menu says "Dabeli" is available, but she politely refused saying "not on this flight".

Quite literally, again, he gives her grief, saying, at least they should the "basic deceny" to only put items in the menu, which they can honor.

Get the drift, again?

By now my mind is wondering, if I was orphan, would I prefer to be this bloke's shelter - or be free, wild and desolate like the other homeless.

The answer, my friend, is like the Dabeli, there in the menu, but nowhere to be found :-)

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