Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1764 : Bahe Naina from Ra.One by Nandini Sarkar translated to English

I have posted before that though I am in love with Nandini’s vocals, the lyrics seem patchy for this one – brilliant at one end of the spectrum and Sameerish on the other end Smile

My feeble attempt at a genuine translation :-). Enjoy.

na bole mose mohan kyun
hain roothe roothe mohan kyun
kaise manaun haye
kaise manaun..

Why does not my beloved talk to me (at all), pray is he so aloof and afar,
what do I have to do to beseech him….I am (quite really!!) at my wits end!!

un bin kate na raina
un bin aave na ik pal chaina
un bin jiyoon to kaise main jiyoon haye
bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bhare more naina

The nights seem infinitely long in his absence, in his void my mind is restless, it wanders,
How am I supposed to carry on with this life…..
The tears flow unabated overflowing from my eyes, abrading them with their torrent,
these  eyes no longer obey their master, they seem to have a mind of their own

nainam chhindanti shastrani
nainam dahati pavakah
na chainam kledayantapo
na shoshayati marutah

No weapons can blemish the soul,
The fire burns in its own impotence,
The river keeps slipping off, no water can ever latch onto it,
Even the mighty wind, meekly floats past it.

naino ke dwaare aane ke vaade
baandhe aise bolo kaahe
chaukhat pe dil ki, aahat rakhi hai
taakon pe hai tore saaye

Through the gates of my eyes, you had promised to enter,
Why is this promise not binding (on you)?
In the verandah of my heart, I can hear the clammer of your footsteps
And in the silts of my heart, I can clearly see your silent shadows (already)

un bin unhe manaye
un bin kabhi jo unko rijhaye
un bin chhale hai mora ye jiya haye..

Wooing him in his void,
Entertaining him while he is not around,
My heart is beginning to play mighty tricks on me (cheating me!!)

bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bhare more naina

komal badi hai saansan ki dori
roothan se bhi toot jaaye
baavan tarah se jee ko manaya
khoje ajahun tori raahein

My life hangs by this threadbare delicate breath,
(My life)Might just give up, if you turn away
Used 52 different ways to console myself (This is such a brilliant sentence !!)
And yet, my mind today, still eagerly awaits your footsteps.

un bin unhe main paaun
un bin unhe main garva lagaun
un bin unhi mein more jee lage

I am still finding him, not withstanding his abscence 
I am still clutching him in my bossom, he is still nowhere to be found
My heart seems to with him…and yet he is hiding….

bahe naina bhare more naina jhare more naina
mue naina sune nahi kehna bhare more naina

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