Monday, February 20, 2012

1756 : I will not….

(this list to be updated along my life with more items)

1. Subscribe to paid cable connection for my TV.
2. Get onto facebook.
3. Ever own a phone (with or without a data connection) which cannot go for 3 days without a wire to be stuck deep into its anus.
4. Buy a battery operated toy for my daughter.
5. Have my son play with an Ipad.
6. Stop cussing.
7. Stop Hugging my comforts.
8. Wear sandals with socks.
9. Wear black colored sneakers.
10. Ever get tired of my friendship with Raavan and his mother.
11. Stop having emaffairs Smile

Ah, the last one was added, by someone (on my behalf) for posterity Smile

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1 comment:

Miku said...

R u serious when u posted this ?
Dont u have a FB account ?!!