Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1746 : Do you love your monkey?

I think I am the only one around who is deranged…but on a perfectly normal day…but in a special situation….like for example, your company CEO has come visiting…..my mind begins racing, it is wanting to break the boundary.

Don’t get the drift?

Like when the CEO passes you near the coffee shop, your mind is urging you to loudly say, “Cornholer”, and, not because you believe in it at all….for all you know, your CEO is genuinely a nice chap….but my mind is freaking out because it wants to….it wants to see how the world burns.

Like when I am in a class, I want to walk upto the teacher and slap her/him, again, not because I mean any malice to her, but just because the act itself is so exaggeratedly preposterous.

Does anyone ever feel like this?

A part of my mind thinks like that all the time….and seriously, all I hope to get in return is kicks and the eventual kick Smile

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