Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1745 : Why I love Chetan Bhagat (redux)

From his interview here….some excerpts http://www.gqindia.com/content/chetan-bhagat-paperback-fighter 

Which explains why the language is colloquial, often bordering on incorrect grammar…
Are we supposed to follow what works for people? Or are we supposed to follow what’s in the dictionary? Sorry, I’m not an English teacher. I’m not here to uphold some grammar standards. I am not here to play What’s The Good Word. Most of my readers are from small towns. And I can’t tell you the confidence boost a small-town kid gets the day he finishes his first English book. He’s a changed man.
Which books inspired you to take up writing?
Catch-22 and Animal Farm. Purists may have scoffed at those books, too, in their time. I also read Arundhati Roy’s book, but I couldn’t connect with it. I couldn’t find a purpose to the book. There has to be a reason why a book gets written.

Wonder - does a person ever realize that he is so full of himself, that anytime he risks gagging himself….a case of “attempted suicide”. We should try booking Chetan for that.

(By Chetan’s fucked up logic for wrong English…if we extrapolate it….we can do whatever the fuck we want, as long as it makes money…. Suck dicks, be pricks, bang chicks, 40 licks, sorry flicks…as long as the counter ticks. What a massive amount of goosed up fucktape!!)


(“There has to be a reason why a book gets written…and that has to money. Miss Roy was a schumbag who did not sell her books for Rs.95 like I do. Look at my books, Two States and 5 point someone, they not only make potloads of money, but they also inspire confidence in a small town kid. Miss Roy, all she does is sit with Anna and Patkar on some wicked dam issue. Her fiction is purposeless, and her non-fiction does not inspire small town kids. My books also get made into an aptly titled 3 idiots….but can Miss Roy ever hope for that. Never. She is relegated to not being understood…to win a old commonwealth legacy called the Booker.”. Holy raining fuck…. someone needs to do him for good, before he ends up doing all of us Smile)

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