Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1743 : The profane truth

As I was growing up, I always wondered how did kids of stand up comedians (who spoke profanities) or of hindi film villians (who raped fully clothed buxom babes) or the like…..see their parents?

I mean, what mental model did these kids conjure up of their parents. These were public arts and no way you can hide this from your daughter. You cannot tell her, please don’t watch “my movie”.

As I am reaching that middle ages myself, I am suddenly faced with the dilemma for my nephews, nieces, daughters and sons….they are going to growing up feeling that they have a scum of an uncle/father…someone who is as retarded as some of the gangsta rappers.

As I introspect, my mind tells me, “fuck these debates, the little kids are smart enough to take care of themselves” Smile

How profanely profound Smile

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