Saturday, February 11, 2012

1740 : Talk the walk

When I was young, my strides were the longest in my peer group, faster than most adults and I used to walk really fast.

Then in the mid ages, I slowed down to the median. In the last 10 years, I walk much slower than most others. Really I walk with a measure and gait that makes some others believe that I have no destination, and that I AM GOING NOWHERE.

In the last 2 years….the sloth has been on the rise….I probably walk at around 3 kms per hour….which is almost a drag.

Even in my morning jog, I rarely if ever break the 7.8 km barrier per hour, for a sustained burst.

Why am I rambling this – What does all this mean?

I think subconsciously I pretty well know my destination, I just don't want to reach there at all. Its the ostrich in me that makes me wallop slow and slower, hoping that like Johnnie Walker – I keep walking !!

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