Saturday, January 07, 2012

1723 : Have you ever seen the rain pouring down on a sunny day?

Its educational to watch perfectly sane adults run for cover when it begins to drizzle. And not just when they are in formal clothes or something….they seem to just bolt,when the pour begins.

Parents walking with children on the jogging track – bolt and so do the young ones in an ape mode.

An alien would look at this and go “ah…maybe poison rain!!”.

We, urban junkies not only seem to have lost the forests and animals, but now we seem to be losing the elements as well….sun, rain, wind and fire….all of them are considered harmful.

Me….well, when it rains, I love going for my jog. In my head, the fear of elements is akin to dying. Let the elements graze past, might make you a little more alive…and more so…encourage our little ones to not fear the forests, animals or elements.

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