Friday, January 06, 2012

1721 : Welcome 2012 : Poem for 2011, From Europe by Tabish Khair

I read this once and fell in love with it…..

Walking to ‘Bethlehem’ today I found
The bodies of three wise men by the road.
Around the lifeless neck of each was bound
A placard : ‘Nigger’, ‘Immigrant’, two said;
The third, ‘I shot the bastard;I was bored.’
Their precious gifts were gone; their wisdom dead.

When I finally reached the promised place
(It was not easy, for no star was out
And people slammed their doors in my face),
I was bewildered : It was smoking still,
And bombed to bits; no one answered my shout.
I could see something heavy had been dragged uphill

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