Sunday, January 08, 2012

1725 : Pichle Saat Din Mein….

I have seen three of my loved ones go through a lot of sickness. And the saga looks like it will continue for a few more weeks.

This has been a fucking start to a cracking new year Smile

1724 : Humbling experience

Being in a hospital and seeing your loved one go through the rigours of disease and decay is always a very humbling experience. A good hospital (an extreme oxymoron Smile) is like a temple – it can remind you of all that life is supposed to be, and not supposed to be…..

A place that constantly flirts with death, can definitely teach you more than a thing or two Smile

(Have been at an hospital foe the past 2 days Smile)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

1723 : Have you ever seen the rain pouring down on a sunny day?

Its educational to watch perfectly sane adults run for cover when it begins to drizzle. And not just when they are in formal clothes or something….they seem to just bolt,when the pour begins.

Parents walking with children on the jogging track – bolt and so do the young ones in an ape mode.

An alien would look at this and go “ah…maybe poison rain!!”.

We, urban junkies not only seem to have lost the forests and animals, but now we seem to be losing the elements as well….sun, rain, wind and fire….all of them are considered harmful.

Me….well, when it rains, I love going for my jog. In my head, the fear of elements is akin to dying. Let the elements graze past, might make you a little more alive…and more so…encourage our little ones to not fear the forests, animals or elements.

1722 : Trust

Trust is a very strange sentiment. You either have it or you don’t. Its the closest to a binary belief system.

Trust is also strange because its a bit like yeast. Two days to build up on a loaf of bread, with a sweet window of 2 hrs to bake it, if you dont manage to grab the moment, the bread is sour and cannot be saved….(almost akin to too much trust)….and if you bake sooner, the bread never gets the magical puff.

The best bakeries, have perfected the art of continuing their dough perpetually (sour dough or otherwise), by mixing parts of yesterday with today Smile

One fun fact of trust is almost like the Heisenberg principle, you cannot measure it. The point you try and measure it and it destroys the sanctity of the object.

Friday, January 06, 2012

1721 : Welcome 2012 : Poem for 2011, From Europe by Tabish Khair

I read this once and fell in love with it…..

Walking to ‘Bethlehem’ today I found
The bodies of three wise men by the road.
Around the lifeless neck of each was bound
A placard : ‘Nigger’, ‘Immigrant’, two said;
The third, ‘I shot the bastard;I was bored.’
Their precious gifts were gone; their wisdom dead.

When I finally reached the promised place
(It was not easy, for no star was out
And people slammed their doors in my face),
I was bewildered : It was smoking still,
And bombed to bits; no one answered my shout.
I could see something heavy had been dragged uphill