Sunday, December 11, 2011

1718 : Meri Arzoo Kaminey

I have posted many times about this song already. This is the title song from the movie Kaminey, composed and sung by Vishal Bharadwaj, lyrics by Gulzar.

Maybe it’s the litre of alchohol, or maybe it’s the poet in me, but I cannot just get over the beauty of this this para….it’s the work of an inspired genius.

Meri Dastaan….kaminey,
Mere Raaste…..kaminey
Ek Dil Si Dosti Thein, Yeh Hazoor bhi Kaminey

(A rough semantic transalation would read…..

my destiny and the story of my past are all screwed and completely waylaid….so is the future of the path that I am currently in….alas….eventually I fell in love with a beauty, and I thought things were eventually looking up (implied!!)…guess what….that was all fucked up as well!!)

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