Saturday, December 10, 2011

1714 : The art of advertising

I have started looking at ads with a more keener eye, especially their accompanying graphics.

I must admit, half of the creative guys must be smoking coke – how else do you explain photos of appalling stupidity associated with big brands. E.g. the one from Raymond below. 


Look hard. Relevance of this image to Raymond? Where is the girl with the camera focusing?  (If I understand her Line of Sight correctly – she is focusing on none of the 3 others)? Why are the girls more prominent in a men’s clothing ad? (and not like they are in a attention grabbing bikini or something)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's psychology my friend. When you place something (X) with a bunch of happy things, the happiness of the other things gets associated with X and X becomes a positive thing. Here X is the clothing.. happy things- beautiful women, freinds, their happy expressions, the cake, and it could b a birthday or an anniversary. They are all well dressed n it seems like a nice house which shows prosperity. It makes one think well of Raymond. Does this make any sense?