Saturday, December 10, 2011

1709 : The pianist

I spent yesterday evening guzzling bottles of Corona with a few of colleagues – who I had worked with for around 2 years, but hardly knew outside the office.

Somehow the conversation veered towards music, and blimey, I have never enjoyed a conversation so much (in recent memory).

They knew everything about 80s and 90s, and classical, and jazz. We spent most of the 3 hrs just reminiscing of what we grew up listening – and each of us was “going one up” on the other, by mentioning those tiny little things, which we all treasure – like someone spoke of Morrison’s An American Prayer, someone spoke of Pyromania, someone mentioned Purple Rain, someone else Marriage of Figaro by Mozart, and not to forget the infinite mentions of Dylan and Syd Barrett…… and lastly, we spoke of John Mayer too Smile

Strangely, as I always feel in these circumstances, in addition to feeling very happy, I also had a weird longing to trudge back into my journey with music.

Looks like “The Zing Thing” is back – bring on the oranges Smile

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