Tuesday, December 06, 2011

1703 : Beat that up, beat that down….beat it till it screams aloud !!

Proprietary is a funny one. Its different from judgement/opinion.

When you walk along the street, and a fatass urban junkie kicks a stray dog just for the pleasure of seeing him wimp – if that sight makes your heart and blood pound a little faster – welcome to the world of proprietary. Its a world where things are in black and white – you pretty much know that the other person has fucked up.

When you walk along the street, and you see a hairy hoary uncle wearing a sleeveless ganji, ensuring his 5 inch long underarm hair is sticking out and there for all to see – you cringe, well thats a judgement.

In both cases, ideally you want to have the advantage of the person’s context. Why is the fatass kicking the dog? Maybe because his girlfriend kicks his balls similarly to wake him up. Why is the hoary guy parading his underarm hair….maybe because he is compensating for the lack of enough hair on his bald “airstrip” head….he thinks women will swoon for his fertile hairility.

Get the drift…context is most times everything.

I am still fine with the “judger” not having context….but the man with properietary, but no context is as dangerous a lunatic. Makes me wonder what makes some of us so very puerile Smile

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