Tuesday, December 06, 2011

1702 : The city of a million deities

I have been away from Bombay for only about 2 years now, but the cracks are beginning to show. As I was driving along the city during this visit, was amazed by how this city’s underbelly is gnawing at itself.

An example of this rabid degeneration of the city’s skylines and wall-lines. All across the city is littered with political posters of every ribald color (and don’t even get me started on political flags Smile). The depressing bit  is that these posters are most tastelessly done, and the mug-shots – well someone needs to make those faces palatable. We all know most politico types are goons, but come on, don’t look like one, especially on a mug shot designed for your publicity.

And if you still don’t have a sense of how cancerous this malaise is, I suggest you walk any street on north of central mumbai and if you manage to find a 100 mt stretch without this nuisance, I shall be doggone.

And yes, we are on route to be a Shangai in 2015 Smile…I so completely believe in that.

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