Saturday, December 03, 2011

1700 : Mine is bigger than yours

In Bombay, I am seeing this recurrent theme of competition.The city uses its economic architecture as a metaphor for all of life and its all shows.

Everything is dog eat dog here…and I mean every single thing. No one place does it stand out more meanly than in the case of toddlers and their parents.

Everything is measured and quantified. “My kid is 5 and he is already reading”, “Your has already learnt 2 ragas”, “your daughter has her arangetram at 8??”, “your son weighs 25 kgs at 6??”…and the list continues.

If you ask these same parents to describe their child’s individuality – they will be very hard pressed, at least most of them will be.

Somewhere in this modern race, we have forgotten that one of the key responsibilities as parents is to forge out (tarashna in hindi) his/her individuality.

I am more in awe of parents who tell me that their son at 6 has a great interest in cosmology (as someone I know actually does), than in knowing that someone’s daughter at 8 has started reading Mills and Boons.

By the time we are all 15, the kid who learnt to read faster would have normalised and his advantage thoroughly neutralised….versus the kid whose parents encouraged him to invest in his interest on cosmology – would have one strong passion in his arsenal.

And passion is what keeps us alive !!

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