Saturday, December 03, 2011

1696 : From the fold of your fist

For two days, we shared our ward with a raucous Sindhi mother-daughter duo. The hospital felt more like an auction house, than a place to rest and recuperate.

We sniggered and sneered at the loud garish ring tones, the intoned demands on the nurses and the always cringing kind of drone.

Then yesterday eventually we got chatting. It transpired that the daughter is 34 years old – she has a 7 year old daughter herself, and her husband who is 39 – had multiple renal failure about 6 weeks ago. Both his kidneys just went kaput.

After a short deliberation, and a protracted resistance from family, they decided that she would donate one of her kidneys to him.

The surgery happened on last Sun, about the same time when we had ours. The husband is still in the ICU.

My learning out of this, to have a big giant sized heart, couture is not a pre-requisite!!

(You can determine an approximate size of your heart by folding your fist!!)

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