Saturday, December 03, 2011

1695 : Dear Mr. Bhatt

(If you are prude, please stop reading beyond this point. Parental advisory Smile.  Prude? You? Maheshji – not you. We know you are the film-maker who has always crossed boundaries than respected any. The warning was meant for more well intentioned folks Smile)


(In the one above, Mahesh Sir is staring hard at something unstoppable and immovable)


(In this one above, Mahesh Sir seals the deal on Big Boss 5. Mahesh Ji BTW, is the biggest boss!!)

Dear Mr. Bhatt, we now know you want to make a certain porn star called Sunny Leone star in Jism 2. For the dinosaur in the modern world, who missed this “breaking news”, it was all over googleland and lalaland.

To those who missed it, India TV also ran a story saying, “Sunny ne Mahesh se kaha, mujhe Arth 2 mein kaam karna hain…mein subtance wala role karna chahati hoon" – can you imagine Sunny in a reprise of Shabana. Really Yummy.


But those are minor distractions. My real point of this letter was to tell you, Mahesh Sir…why don’t we rope in Pamela Ji also onto the enterprise. And then instead of Jism 2, lets make a bilingual – English and Hindi….release both worldwide. Call the English one a very dickensian “Tale of Two Titties” and the Hindi one “Do Babloan ki hain yeh kahani”. (We can get either Asha to croon the title number for Hindi, and Workshop to do their Bunty and Bubli for the English one)

If you dont like the first set of titles, alternatively, we can call this enterprise, “The Titties of Angels” and “Do hoor aur aunke babloan ka guroor”.

If you need more help with titillating (oops!! I meant titling ), I will be readily fawning at your service. Who does not like Bhatt’s on his resume? I will work free for a great mind like yours. I shall change my name to Dinesh, if that helps. Together we shall form a crack tag team, something along the lines of Mahesh – Dinesh (your name should be first sir…always!!)….very soon people might forget Salim-Javed.

We can deliver the greatest tits (oops!! I mean hits) to the entertainment industry.

We can, and we will usher in social revolution. Move over Shabana, Sunny is here and she does have two big things which demand a lot of space Smile

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