Thursday, December 01, 2011

1694 : Object of consternation

Folks are aghast when I tell them that my Tatasky subscription is past due date, and I have not seen active television in over 2 years now.

Some of them take pity on me, and try and explain to me – what I am possibly missing.

I am sure I missing a few good movies, I am missing my fav F1 races, I am missing Travel and Living….

But I made a lifestyle choice and not a philosophical choice. Which means, when I see a TV on, I join in, in flights I do grab 2-4 movies.


I have figured that not having TV adds substantially more to my life than it takes away. Hence I plan to stick to it for some time. I don’t even feel like watching a movie or a show anymore.

Music, drives with Raavan, writing and photography keep me very busy in the little time I am out of my office cubicle Smile

What turns me off, is when people think I am making a wrong choice. I am making a choice, right or wrong, time will tell….and I don’t even want to hear what it tells.

I don’t go around giving people grief for not blogging, I expect a similar respect for my choices Smile

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