Thursday, December 01, 2011

1692 : The modern cuppa

Picture this.

I am at this tea stall (a Bombayite would know what I mean), a decrepit run down excuse of a shop, and sipping tea at 630 in the morning.

A jogger comes along, and barks “Diet coke hai”.

I was for a minute aghast, diet coke and here ????

But then, I heard the shopkeeper, politely answer “Nahin sir, khatam ho gaya…sorry”.

The conversation speaks eons for mumbai and its ethos. In which other city in the world, would you get chai and diet coke served at 630 in the morning to yuppies like me, and to the day labourers….and also, where else would a person say sorry for running out of stock on a particular item.

I think its time we made “I love Bombay” tea(T) shirts soon Smile

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