Saturday, November 12, 2011

1671 : Mother chord

Americans seem obsessed with the sanitisation of the tongue !! Whoa.... What does that mean.
I meant the recent incident of Eddie murphy pulling out of oscars, because he and his director referred to gays in a slant way.

This American bent of mind (it's not afflicted as much of the euros yet) seem to entrench every part of our vocabulary. You don't fuck, you screw or get don't abuse, you are differently abled not don't stutter you have a slight speech disorder, you don't kiss you peck, you don't have an accident you have a situation, you don't die, you pass don't have a drug addiction, you have a drug don't masturbate (or have oral sex) you instead don't ingratiate, you suck up.....

Get the drift. This preponderance of making every aspect of speech less harsh is permeating the world...and quite fast. You can no longer make blonde jokes, gay jokes, Sardar jokes, irish jokes...and the ilk...

You cannot say fuck in public, and you cannot even call pink a girlie color.

Why because we must respect humans and diversity. Ahem....I am as diverse as diverse can be. Some of my friends used to be gays, I totally support my spouse as a partner, I work with some of the best lady workers at my work place, but this incessant tongue sanitation is taking the entire fun out of speech.

It's not that I want to call a black a nigger, but hell I do want to espouse my biases... I do want to crack jokes on iyers (like me), I do want to make gujju jokes (lets all goto macdoland and eat burgers :-))....

Get the drift. 

It does not help Americans in their cause that they will eschew capitalism and create severe economic inequities, but when it comes to speech, all men and women are created equal and no hard talk please.

All this political corectness business does leave me in a fuck soup.

Folks who know me, will understand, that if there is any correctness I will aspire for, then that is in action and not in speech. 

For now, if you do want to convert your tongue into a cesspit latrine, try saying the "subject title" of this post, exactly how a bongoli would....:-)....if you don't get it the first time, trying reading it in bappida's tone and as a single world...ignore the space :-)

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