Saturday, November 12, 2011

1668 : He stood alone with the bone of a trophy

In recent times I have often wondered, “am I chasing a chimera”,am I committing to an ideal, to a journey, which I started years ago, but something, which could have lost relevance in recent times.

Happens with all of us, right....we head off to the market to buy a loaf of bread for breakfast, but get distracted, spend 4 hrs at a bookshop, it's 1 pm at noon...and now that you have finished with books, you continue on your quest for bread, without realising that bread is no longer's way past breakfast now. 

Sounds philosophical or vague? Well, it's meant to be neither, its a real world dilemma, and I really sit and think, am I running behind a goal driven by my principles, but which is way out of sync with the reality of my universe? Where is all this taking? Further down a lonely decrepit road? Further down the path of mental isolation? Am I throwing too much good money after the rotten?

Questions ? Yes. Answers? No.

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Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are/may be insightful. But certainly this post title brilliant...says it all in one line.../take a bow

Amitabh said...

Bow taken. Feels nice to hear that someone liked this so much