Tuesday, November 08, 2011

1665 : Whats a photograph, but a memory

I now have enough photography equipment to buy a locker and store it in :-). Jokes apart, seriously, I have a fortune invested in this and unlike the naysayers, I use most of it very regularly. In fact I think my camera and my camcorder are probably the best investment I ever made in electronics in the last 3 years. These are used almost everyday

..but that's beside the point. When I look back, I think I could (can) safely own about 15 good prosumer cameras in the equivalent price of the equipment I have. 

And yet, never once, have I regretted my decision to go amateur pro (if there is such a category).

Point of this rambling....well, goes back to my fav question - why would someone live with a compact (if you could indeed afford the real thing..and I don't mean coke in this case :-))

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